Roll-Off Tractor Trailers

  • Capable of Hauling 1 or 2 Containers
  • Tri-Axle & Spread Axle Trails - To Maximize Weight Distribution
  • 21.5 Ton Net Hauling Capacity
  • Open to 20cy, 30cy, 40cy Containers
  • Specialty Containers
    • Closed Top 40's (with solid lids for bagged material or material to be loaded by hand)
    • Closed Top 30cy Sludge Containers -- With Gasketed Rolling Metal Lids
  • Over 1,500 Roll Off Containers
  • Over 100 Lidded Sludge Containers
  • 10 Vactainers

Great for material with free standing liquids on top of solids. Custom Built Containers to Meet Customer's Special Needs Available